AAbutPier 2007 is automation software which designs the substructure of a bridge. It carries out the interpretation of earthquake-proof and seismic isolation and provides a final design of abutment/pier. In addition to the generality of AAbutPier which most companies in the country are currently using, you can see the powerful extended function including earthquake interpretation complying with the 2004-year earthquake isolation criteria.
- It supports SI and CGS unit systems and can easily convert the unit systems anytime by toggling only once. - As a function of auto modeling, it creates two-dimensional and three-dimensional interpretation model without any additional input. - It forms a bridge along the lines and supports various shapes. - As a function of optimum design and repeat design, it is possible to do proximity designing with the safety factor that a user needs. - As a function of one-click design and review, it is possible to do designing without any output of design summary or structure calculation sheet. - It automatically creates in DWG/DXF format and structure calculation sheet. quantity calculation sheet in EXCEL format.

- It is possible to apply it to the bridges of road, railway, light rail transit, and high-speed railway.
- It is possible to do the designing of bridge widening with the input of multiple lines.
- It is possible to estimate resistance to earthquake with the support of single and multiple mode spectrum and time record interpretation.
- In case of Beam Bridge, it is possible to arrange girders easily with the support of various girder arrangement optimizations.
- It supports various interpretation environments with general structure interpretation solver interlocking (SAP Ver. 10, MIDAS 2006).
- It supports the T-form, ㅠ-form, pillar-form, polystyle-form, wall-form, door-form, torch-form, and rounding of the lower part of coping.
- It supports the back-filling of EPS light-weight soil block and the extruding support stand of ILM abutment.
- It supports single cast-in-place pile tier.
- It supports P-delta interpretation at the high pier of long-span bridge and the review on the two way shear of pier foundation.
- It supports the function of pier coping tendon arrangement.
 It supports the function of pier foundation rotation and inclination.
- It is equipped with artificial seismic wave and nonlinear bridge bearing database.
- It supports 3D interpretation by wing.
- It supports various foundation forms such as direct foundation, mass foundation, and pile (steel pipe, PHC, cast-in-place pile) foundation.
- It supports various pillar types such as round, rectangular, hexagonal, oval, and hollowed ones.
- It automatically calculates all load forms actually applied to the bridge and supports the application of user-defined load.