- ABeamDeck is software for floor plate design 
   and rebar arrangement for concrete beam bridge. 
  - Makes it easy to make the most time
  - consuming girder placement. 
  - Its diversification of girder placement option 
   help improve design efficiency.
   (expanding width, continuous span, automatic
   girder placement) 
  - Make it fast, easy, and convenient to make
   reinforcement placing drawing. 
  - Has excellent convenience for user (using various
   drawing utility)

- Easy to choose girder with support of the PSC Beam, IPC Girder DB.
- 8 kinds of girder automatic placement option considering plane, ended linear, and expanding width.
- Retrieval functions after CAD save and coordinate editing of girder base coordinates for user edit.
- Possible to make rebar arrangement for all the beam bridges such as straight bridge, slant bridge, curve bridge, and width-expanded bridge.
- Generates compatible data (* brx) for underlying design and seismic interpretation.
- Gives support for the appropriate type of rebar arrangement considering empirical design methods and LB-DECK(strength, experience).
- Shows detail drawing for any location of reinforcement placing drawing by click only.(horizontal girder, end portion, cantilever part)
- Rebar trim space setting and user section editing.
- Reinforcing bar marking position adjustment and provision of editing features. (ADManager)
- Supports various shapes with features of main rebar addition and deletion with On-Off button.
- Offers bridge management features, and features of quantity aggregation and calculation by directions and segments. ( including PSC Beam unit quantity.)

- Possible to unload the various loads through floor plate analysis by using Frame modeling.
- Increases accuracy with calculation of reaction force through grid analysis particularly useful for the slant bridge.
- Enables to make design for multi-span continuous bridge without limitation of numbers of continuous position part.
- Generates compatible data (*.brx) for underlying design and seismic interpretation.
- Supports standard drawing set for the Korea Expressway Corporation and Korea Rail Network Authority. 
- Supports a type of rebar arrangement by the empirical design method.
- Conveniently design a bridge with various kinds of beam bridges.
- Marks the latitude girder and the longitude girder on the reinforcement placing detail drawing with a click.
- Set the Trim section of rebar and edit user’s section.
- Automatically marks the lap splices considering the default length of rebar when making assembly drawing for main rebar.
- Automatically creates assembly drawing of transverse reinforcement by calculating the intervals of transverse reinforcement and exposed surface rate of rebar.
- Adjust and edit the position of rebar marking.
- Supports various kinds of shapes with features of main rebar addition and  deletion with On-off button. 
- Aggregate and calculate the data by bridge, direction, and number of segment.
- Edit and adjust laps of main rebar in detail.
- Support strength design method and empirical design procedure through input of various kinds of main rebar and transverse reinforcement.
- Floor plate rebar arrangement with PSC Beam, and IPC Girder for beam bridge. 
- SI units support conforming to the 2005Road and Bridge Design Standards.
- Support for slant bridge, curve bridge, continuous bridge, and bridge with expanded width on a straight line.
- Support for 2 cycle rebar arrangement on cantilever part by a empirical design method.